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Lion’s Mane Explained

Used for centuries in Chinese and Japanese culture as a tonic for overall health and longevity; Lion’s Mane mushroom has now spread its wings worldwide to a broader audience. Not just for consumers looking to benefit from the long documented, health generating properties of this beautifully displayed fungus, but also into laboratories and research facilities, where these reports could be tried and tested under the pressure of clinical analysis. Below are just some of the findings of these tests, and shed light on why this mushroom has been so highly revered, by so many, for so long.

Nerve regeneration, protection and brain health:

The brains ability to grow and regenerate cells typically declines with age, which could explain the decrease in mental function as we reach the later stage of life. Studies have found that lion’s mane mushrooms contain two special compounds that can stimulate the growth of brain cells: hericenones and erinacines. These compounds have been found to not only stimulate the growth of brain cells, but also protect the nerve cells from certain damage and improve brain health.

On top of this, research into nervous system injuries in animal studies showed reduced recovery times by an incredible 23–41% and reduced the size of stroke related brain injury by 44%.

Relief from anxiety and depression:

Developed countries today experience symptoms of anxiety and depression in around one third of people. There are many causes of anxiety and depression but chronic inflammation is thought to be a major contributing factor. The anti-inflammatory properties of Lion’s mane mushroom could help relieve some of these symptoms, but it doesn’t stop there.

Lion’s mane extract can help regenerate brain cells and improve the functioning of the hippocampus, which is an area of the brain responsible for emotional response and memory processing. Researchers believe that the improved function of the hippocampus could explain the reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression in studies.

A small study also reported in a group of menopausal women, reduced feelings of irritation and anxiety after consuming Lion’s mane extract over a one-month period.

Immune boosting:

A strong immune system helps to fight against harmful bacteria, viruses and disease-causing pathogens within the body. Lion’s mane mushroom creates beneficial changes in gut bacteria

and can boost your immune system by increasing intestinal immune system health, which protects the body from harmful pathogens that reach the gut after passing through the mouth or nose.

Researchers found Lion’s mane to drastically improve the immune system of animal studies by up to 4 times.



*Some research is based on animal studies with very similar biochemistry to humans. Cannadonia Limited make no claims as to any medical properties of this product. Consult your doctor for any medical advice.

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